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What is is a translation database project that provides human translations that has been collected from our members, movies' subtitles, open source projects and 3rd party sources. (Learn more).

How it works?

Our members may request a free translation. Following the request, system sends an e-mail automatically to the members who checked the "Email me, when a translation is requested in the languages pairs I speak" box upon signing up, including a link to enable them to translate the sentence.

How to use it?

A visitor can also do a search by typing a word, phrase or sentence in the search bar to find out how to use that phrase in sentences. We believe that the best language learning method is to examine how to use words in different sentences. search algorithm can detect stemmed words in all language pairs and shows you the results including inflected and non-inflected forms.

All the inputs will be getting checked. However, if you find an incorrect sentence, please report it using the report icon located next to each translation within the search results.

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